Monday, August 24, 2015

10 Unique Tips to Make your Parent Participation Effectively Grow

It is often said that if you keep doing the same things you'll get the same results.  This school year let's try different methods to get parents involved. Reach out to parents through the media and through a new online school newsletter that parents can sign up for. Every week find some way to let your parents know that you care about their child's success. Get the child who is earning "C" letter grades to move to "A" or "B" grades by intentionally letting parents know that their student can do it. Parent's need to know what they can do to improve their child's grades. Here are other things your school can do.

1. Ask parents to participate in one major event this school year

2. Host music and arts classes that parents can offer to students after school

3. Ask parents to be a part of a school play or to help out with scenery 

4. Have a fund raiser where parents contribute their favorite dish and participate in the event

5.  Survey parents and offer tutoring classes where they need help

6.  Hold a meeting in the community where they live to get more of their input

7. Hold an event where parents receive awards for their participation in any way and a few special awards 

8.  Start a parenting student success discussion using Parent's Ultimate Education Guide which I created for schools. Review a chapter and have a discussion each time your school meets with parents. To get a free review book for your school in the email your address to

Parent participation should be planned and their should be someone in charge of it.  Some parents need encouragement to see the value of their participation. then expect parents to be very interested participating. Parent involvement is a vital resource for school success.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an education advocate and he is passionate about helping parents and students to succeed. His three books are the Parent's Ultimate Education Guide, the Seven Secrets of How to Study and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide at . Join his newsletter at

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