Sunday, October 4, 2015

10 Unique School Project Tips for Parents

Today parents are very busy and it is hard to get ready for projects.  Often children will wait until the last minute to remind a parent that they have a project. Sometimes it is due to procrastination and sometimes the student forgets about the project. The key is finding system so that all projects get started early. Here are a few tips:

1. Use a daily planner to record projects
2. Create a project storage place where you keep all supplies
3. Always refill your storage place
4. Take your child with you to the store
5. Continually look for sale items and compare store prices
6. Take the project list with you when you go to the store
7.  See a librarian for ideas that can make the project unique
8. Search the Internet for videos that will help with your son/daughters project
9. Organize a brainstorming session about the project 
10. Make sure that the project is submitted on time

You should work with your cold to get started on project. It will cause you both less stress because you have a way that projects get started early. Feeling excited about the project will raise your child's enthusiasm. Enjoy the learning process and your projects will be fun. 

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